Visiting Time : 9:00 PM to 5.00PM (Tuesday Closed)

The Butterfly EcoPark is close to the village of Rajnagar and a short walk from Eden of Bison. There are currently many species of butterflies in the park. Where does all butterflies eat food? The question might arise. The food is in the butterfly garden. They gather food from different plant species planted in the house. Plants are planted like that. Even then, park authorities gave extra food. The tray is arranged in small containers in the food. When the tired butterfly fly hungry, it is sitting in the Trete.
As a butterfly, it will be seen from the garden as soon as it comes out of the garden, another big butterfly. So big butterfly! If you come near breaks will break. Actually it’s a butterfly bench. While sitting, it seems to be the finger of the butterfly itself, that is the finger of the finger. If you are not satisfied with the wings, you can become a praja! That’s also the arrangement. A Dummy of the Butterfly is just empty of the face. When you click on the camera with the head, it is easy to go to the butterfly butterfly. Even if you can not fly but at least the butterfly is the taste.

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How to Reach:

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Nearest Airport Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Agartala

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Nearest Railway Station Garjee

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Joychandpur(Silapathar area), Rajnagar South Tripura