Santirbazar Municipal Council

Santirbazar Nagar Panchayat started its journey in the year 2009 with 6 nominated members to provide quality service to the growing population. The first election of Santirbazar Nagar Panchyat was held in December,2010. Later on, on 3rd july, 2015 Santirbazar Nagar Panchayat was upgraded to Santirbazar Municipal council. The number of wards of the Council has also increased from 11 to 13.
Santirbazar Municipal councils is situated between 23.31 Degree N latitude and 91.56 degree E Longitude. The total area of Santirbazar Municipal Council is 26.94 Sq Km. The National Highway No.08 passes through the heart of this town. The area of santirbazar Municipal Council is mostly covered by undulating hilly land,although there are some plain lands here and there. The main commercial area of the town is situated comparatively in low-lying areas, i.e. in the bank of a river called Lowgang River.
Santirbazar town is situated at a distance of about 85 Km away from the Capital town Agartala. The nearest railway station is at a distance of 04 Km. from the town. The nearest district town Belonia is at a distance of 19 Km away from this Municipal council.
The Chairman is the head of santirbazar Municipal Council. To assist him in his work, there is a team called Chairman-in – council comprising 4 members. There are also 6 standing committees which look after various aspects of Municipal Administration. In addition to that there are 13 word committees & these committees assist Municipal Council in implementation of developments works by rendering their valuable suggestions from time to time. In addition, there is one chief Executive Officer who looks after day to day Administration of Municipal council with the help of staff posted under him.
Total Population of Santirbazar Municipal council was 11,921 as per 2011 census. Presently the population of Santirbazar Municipal council is 15,647. Total House holds under Santirbazar Municipal council is 3529 nos. Out of total population 15,647, General-4,953, SC-5,814, ST-1005, OBC-3,764, RM-111. Out of its total population, 10.7% is self Employed, 18.83% is salaried, 39.02% is wage earner & 31.44% practices other occupations. Total Literacy rate of Santirbazar Municipal council is 95.00% .