Tripura is one of the seven states in the North eastern part of India located between 22 degree and 56 minute and 24 degree and 32 minute north latitude and between 90 degree and 9 minute and 92 degree and 20 minute east latitude with an area of 10,492 sq. km. Our South Tripura District is situated extreme south part of the state with 3 Sub-Division namely Sabroom Sub-Division, Santirbazar Sub-Division and Belonia Sub-Division. Most part of South Tripura District is surrounded by Bangladesh which in turn is surrounded by Bay of Bengal,Thus bringing heavy rainfall in the District. As fish is one of the vital food items of the diet of 95% of the population of the state as well as South Tripura District, fishery plays an important role in the District not only as food item but also to improve the socio-economic condition of the rural people living below the poverty line. The role played by Fisheries Department of Tripura towards meeting the food security of State’s population is significant, as fish is an important constituent of daily diet of more than 95% of its populace. South Tripura District is always facing some kind of disruption in the form of flood, cyclone, earthquake, environmental pollution etc which is hampering the aquaculture scenario of the District. The main function of the department is to distribute fish seeds and fishery inputs among the PRI body selected beneficiaries, inspection of fish farmers pond for uplifting fish production, analysis of soil and water samples for their quality analysis and necessary suggestions for further make it productive, creation and reclamation of fish ponds through MGNREGA, providing financial assistance to fish farmers for fish culture through KCC loans etc.