Economy of South Tripura district is primarily based on agriculture, animal resource development and fisheries. Mainly paddy, pineapple, jackfruit, banana, nuts, mango etc. are cultivated here. In this district fisheries are one of the main source of income. Many small & medium scale fish ponds are available in South Tripura District, as livelihood. In South Tripura District, Tea Gardens are also present; which provides employment to many people. Rubber plantation & Bamboo plantation is another source of income in South Tripura.
70% of the workers are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. The tribals residing in the deeply forested hills practice Jhum cultivation (shifting cultivation). However, in recent times, by the efforts of State Government and District Administration, like granting pattas to jhumias under RoFR Act, 2006, undertaking plantation works like horticulture, sericulture, etc., the jhum cultivation has decreased to a large extent in the District. The fertile valleys are mostly occupied by the non-tribals, mostly Bengalis. 30% of the households in the District are classified as Below Poverty Line (BPL).