Thousand years ago Rangamati was the capital of Mog Kingdoms of Arakan. King of Tripura Jhujaroofa defeated the Mog dynasty and captured Rangamati. He established his new capital at Udaipur in the middle of year 590 AD. In the year 1567 the Chief of Army of the king was Gopi Prasad . He killed the king Ananta Manikya and became the king of Tripura himself. Gopinath changed his name to Uday Manikya. He also changed the name of the capital from Rangamati to Udaipur. In the year 1760 A.D.Maharaja Krishna Manikya shifted the state capital from Udaipur to Old Agartala . Old Agartala is also called Puran Haveli.

Tripura a hilly, picturesque, princely state was first conquered by the Britishers in 1761. However, no political agent was appointed till 1871 and the Maharaja ruled hill territory ” Hill Tipperah ” almost independently. The State acceded to the Indian union on 13.08.1947, the agreement of merger being signed on 09.09.1949. The administration was formally taken over by 15.10.1949. Tripura, initially a one district state, was trifurcated into three Districts w.e.f. 01.09.1970. 

South Tripura District has been bifurcated in the year 2012; and “GOMATI” has been created with its headquarter at Udaipur  & South Tripura district headquarter was  shifted to Belonia.

Belonia is a glorious and traditional small town of Tripura. In southern Tripura it is located inside Bangladesh. Belonia has been famous since its archaeological site called “Pilak” has beautiful atmosphere. Here we see some ancient incarnations of God.