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E District

Go to URL : www.edistrict.tripura.gov.in
For online entry please click ****Citizen Registration

After fill up form one UID & PWD will send to the user Mobile.

After click on the login Button User Id & PWD a small login form will appear and put your UID & PWD to the UID &PWD text box and in the verification box enter the character that shown above and at last click the submit button.

After Successfully submit the login Button this Portal appear in front of the user screen and click the apply Service option .

After that please click on view service option and you find that all services related e-Dist visualize on the screen under e-Dist portal User click on the apply button in which particular service he needed through online under e-Dist portal.

In the application form first section is Application Personal Details Section

Second Application Address Details. Applicant Contact Details :In this section user put Mobile No & Email Id later in online mood in this email id after digitally signed by the authority the certificate will send . In the service output type combo box their is two option available A. Hard copy B. Soft Copy

Next section is Eligibility :To apply this respective service this supporting documents needed .Please select the yes or no option .if you select the yes option then it is men datary to upload this supporting documents when browse the documents. This option you find later after Attach Annexer1 button click .

click on the save button.

After click the Attach Annexer1 button this Browse documents form will appear in front of the user screen.

And Issued By text box enter the Issuing Authority like BDO/SDM .Issue date text box enter the Issue date of the supporting documents .Reference Number text box enter the Reference number of the supporting documents .And first scan the supporting documents and after that from choose file button you can browse this supporting documents scan file. After fulfil entry all options of all Supporting documents option and browsing documents then click into the Save Annexe Button. After that one Acknowledge generate and print this Acknowledgement.

If user try to upload supporting documents later then he should enter Issued By, Issue date, Reference Number text box and this way he fill up all supporting documents details and Click the Save Annexer1 Button .And after that later user can find this Application “View Incomplete Application “option into the left side label and later he browse all supporting documents scan copy .after browsing click again save Annexe button.
After Fulfil All step one Application make entry through online .

For any query regarding online eDistrict entry email edpm.south@gmail.com 


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